• How long do I have to make a payment for my Parking Charge Notice?

    The full rate of the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) may be paid within 28 days from the date of issue – the details of the full rate and discounted rate are set out on the PCN. However, a reduced rate is offered if the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) is paid within 14 days of the issue date.

  • What happens if I do not pay or appeal my Parking Charge Notice?

    If a Parking Charge Notice is not paid or appealed within the relevant time period, it may be passed to a debt recovery specialist with additional costs being added. If payment remains outstanding, legal proceedings will likely be issued in the small claims court which may increase your liability for costs and legal fees.

  • What happens if I can’t afford to pay the Parking Charge Notice?

    If you are in financial difficulty or need advice about debt, or how you might pay the debt, please contact us to discuss options or you can contact an independent debt advisor. The following organisations offer free, impartial and non-judgemental advice and debt counselling:

  • How did you obtain my details?

    Civil Enforcement uses your vehicle registration number to obtain the registered vehicle keeper details from the DVLA. Please see our privacy policy for full details of how we obtain registered keeper details and process that data.

  • How can I appeal my ticket?

    You should appeal online by clicking here.

    We will respond to your appeal within 14 days of receiving it.

    The amount owed will not increase while your appeal is being reviewed.

  • Can I appeal online?

    The appeals department does accept appeals online. Please access: http://appeals.ce-service.co.uk/

  • Can I appeal over the phone?

    We do not discuss Parking Charge Notices over the phone. Your appeal and any correspondence must be in writing – either online or by posted letter. Our FAQs section should help answer many of the questions typically raised.

  • Can I pay and then appeal?

    No – you can either pay at the full or reduced rate within the relevant time period or appeal the PCN. You cannot pay and then appeal.

  • Have you received my appeal?

    You can easily check the status of your appeal using our website:


    We may take up to 35 days to make a decision on your appeal. The amount owed will not escalate whilst your appeal is being considered.

  • How quickly are appeals responded to?

    We respond to correspondence relating to appeals within 14 days. You can check the status of an existing appeal online.

  • Does the amount owed for a Parking Charge Notice increase whilst an appeal is being reviewed?

    The amount of a Parking Charge Notice will not increase whilst your appeal is being reviewed.

  • Who decides the outcome of my appeal?

    Our Appeals Team will consider your appeal on its own merits and write back to advise you of the outcome. Please make sure to include your Parking Charge Notice number as well as any documents that you wish to submit in support of your appeal.

  • My appeal was unsuccessful. What are my options?

    You have two options. If the appeal was rejected and you accept our reasons and supporting evidence, you can pay. Alternatively you can appeal to POPLA….

  • I’ve had no previous communications from you but now I have a final warning letter or a CCJ?

    We write to the Registered Keeper of the vehicle as at the date of the parking contravention at the address provided to us by the DVLA. Please note that you may have moved house and changed your address on your driving licence but that is connected to you, the person.

    Your V5 “logbook” – your registered keeper details – is the document that needs to also be separately updated with the DVLA when you move address so that the registered address for the vehicle is correct. This must be done immediately and it is actually an offence under Road Traffic regulations to not do this.

    We only obtain Registered Keeper details from the DVLA and will send correspondence to the Registered Keeper at the registered address. Where that address is the last known address of the Registered Keeper, a claim and CCJ can be issued against the registered keeper or driver using those details.

    In circumstances where we have not received any response from you to our PCN or debt recovery correspondence and in line with the latest BPA Code of Practice, we will undertake a trace to confirm that you are still at the address provided to us by the DVLA before we issue a county court claim against you.

  • How much time do I have to submit my appeal to POPLA?

    You have 28 days to submit your appeal to POPLA from the date we inform you that we have not upheld your appeal.

  • Will the charge be put on hold while it is with POPLA?

    Should you decide to appeal to POPLA, the option to pay a discounted amount will no longer be available and the full amount of the PCN will become due if you are unsuccessful.

    The amount will not increase whilst your appeal to POPLA is considered (and debt recovery action will not be commenced or recommenced during the POPLA process).

  • What happens after POPLA has reached a decision?

    If your appeal to POPLA is successful, we will cancel the Parking Charge Notice and send you a written confirmation that the PCN has been cancelled.

    If your appeal to POPLA is unsuccessful, the full Parking Charge Notice will apply.

  • I had a blue disabled badge on display?

    Your blue badge does not entitle you to any parking privileges on private property. We would refer you to your blue badge handbook for more information.

  • Why is the charge so high?

    The charge falls within the British Parking Association’s recommended guidelines for car park enforcement.

  • I sold this vehicle; I am no longer the keeper

    The DVLA has informed us that you were the keeper of this vehicle at the date of the incident.

    If you were not the Keeper at that date, please obtain evidence of this from the DVLA and forward it to us.

  • Why have I received a letter from a debt collector, solicitor, or your legal team?

    Your file has been passed over as part of our debt recovery process, as a result of the non-payment of this PCN.

  • Why don’t you have to issue the ticket on my windscreen?

    Tickets that are issued on private land are not required to be placed on the vehicle windscreen.

    The Road Traffic Act only requires statutory authorities to issue tickets on the vehicle windscreen.

  • What is our Privacy Policy?

    Our Privacy Policy explains how we obtain your data and what we do with that data once it has been obtained. The full privacy policy can be found at;